Careful inspection is conducted within the roof space to ensure trusses (or alternatively methods of constructions) are fully functional, care is taken to inspect for insulation and that ducting servicing D.U.D’s as well as Heating and cooling services has been correctly installed and maintained.

Tick-274x300 Roof Framing

Tick-274x300 Underlay

Tick-274x300 Insulation

Tick-274x300 Party walls

Tick-274x300 External vents

Tick-274x300Roofing Materials

Tick-274x300 Flues

Tick-274x300 Valleys

Tick-274x300 Hips and ridges

Tick-274x300 Skylights

Tick-274x300 Vents

Tick-274x300 Eaves

Tick-274x300 Fascia and barges

Tick-274x300 Gutters and downpipes

Roof Inspections