Under house areas must remain dry with floors raised above ground level, being correctly insulated underneath and braced in tradesman like manner. With homes constructed on slab type concrete floors care is taken to ensure the flooring remains at regulated distances above ground level to present dampness from being wicked upwards affecting the structural integrity of framing timber on external walls.  

Exterior areas should remain reasonably dry with adequate site drainage provided. Sheds and out buildings are required to be constructed at preset distances from boundaries in compliance with fire and safety regulations and driveways must be serviced with adequate drainage. Fencing retaining walls and decks must be constructed in compliance with council regulations.


Tick-274x300 Flooring Supports and Bracing

Tick-274x300 Insulation and ventilation

Tick-274x300 Under house drainage and Plumbing

Tick-274x300 Dampness

Tick-274x300 Height above ground, where concrete floors have been installed, regulated heights above ground level are essential

Tick-274x300Fencing and Gates

Tick-274x300 Retaining Walls

Tick-274x300 Paths and Drives

Tick-274x300 Steps

Tick-274x300 Site Drainage

sub floor exterior

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